Eco-Friendly Solutions

Recommendations for a more sustainable home

Who Benefits from Going Green?

Both lifelong environmental activists and homeowners seeking to reduce your energy bills have much to gain. Going green is not just a cliche', it's a positive mind set that benefits all of us. Eco-friendly homes use less energy. This means less resources are consumed, like natural gas, electricity, and water. Residual benefits include lower energy bills, a safer, more comfortable living environment and increased home value. On a more global scale, green homes also create a smaller carbon footprint. Making our homes more sustainable and energy efficient also helps to assure a better future for our children. It's ok to start small. Simple things like turning off lights when not in use, use water more judiciously, or recycling waste all add up. Every journey starts with that first step. We'd be happy to help guide you down that road.

What's New?

Keep up with the latest green trends and developments. Some stories are front page news; others effect our lives in a small but meaningful way.

Energy Saving Alternative Homes

Solar Energy

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