Eco-Friendly Home Car Wash?

Responsible ways to clean your car
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Home Car Wash Environmental Risks 

car wash suds entering storm drain
Do you remember how excited you were to drive home your very first car? Or, how much pride and satisfaction you took in washing it down before showing it off? A bucket of soapy water, a sponge and a garden hose was all you needed to make it happen. Yet, once rinsed off your car, these seemingly harmless suds, along with soil and grease usually find their way into the nearest storm drain. Unlike sanitary sewer systems, storm drains allow untreated wastewater to flow unabated into our local waterways. Common chemicals detergent additives negatively impact fish and other wildlife. Yet, there are ways to reduce the environmental risk of a home car wash. We'll explain...

Responsible Ways to Wash Your Car at Home

woman washing car in back yard
Following some simple steps can go along ways towards making your home car wash a safer, more environmentally friendly activity.
  • Use biodegradable soaps that are chloride, phosphate & fragrance free
  • Use a spray gun with restricted water flow and turn off when not rinsing
  • Wash your car on grass or gravel so residue must filter through soil
  • Pour remaining soapy water down your sink or toilet to enter safe septic system

Commercial Car Washes a Greener Option  

professional car wash
Whether or not a car wash company makes the claim of being "green" or not, most commercial facilities are already more eco-friendly than a home car wash. Commercial car wash operation's often recycle water multiple times and typically use up to 60% less water than a home car wash. These facilities are also required by law to send all wastewater from car washing into the local sewage systems. From there, water is treated and filtered before being redistributed into area waterways. Yet, there is more that can be done. While commercial car washes have better wastewater management, most are still using the same dangerous chemicals found in household detergents. While the environmental impact is reduced, it is not eliminated by this process. Additionally, occupational risks exist due to prolonged exposure to these chemicals. The good news is there are actually eco-friendly car washes that leave out dangerous toxins. We have listed a few below that have raised the bar and set a new standard for this industry!
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